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Escape Goats Shuttle Service


Shuttle prices are based on distance and also on road conditions. We can transport  up to 4 people and gear in our shuttle vehicles depending on area.  We do not drive your vehicle, we meet you before your hike and take you to your starting trailhead.  If you need a vehicle moved, extra fees will be required.

Some of our basic shuttle fees:

1-4 people   *A dog equals one person.  Dogs are not allowed in Glen Canyon NRA and dogs must sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

* You must call and confirm your shuttle the day before or our drivers will not be there.


$350.00    40 Mile Ridge Road

$250.00    Hurricane Wash

$180.00    Egypt Trailhead

$140.00    Harris Wash

$120.00    Boulder Mail Trail

$  70.00    Escalante River Bridge

Floating the Escalante

$400.00    40 Mile Ridge Road to Egypt or the River Bridge

Call for other River Shuttles

*If road conditions are in extreme conditions due to road damage and or extreme mud additional fees will be added on to the price.


Last minute shuttle are also available, please give us a call.


Escalante Airport shuttle pickup and drop off available for our clients that are joining our tours. Advance notice is required.

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