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The Escalante area has so many special places for us to show you.  If you have a group of four or more we will put together a tour that is tailored to your groups interest and abilities. 

Hike the Heart of the Escalante Canyon section of the Grand Staircase National Monument.  This backpack tour is a 4 night 5 day trip that really lets you get to know the spirit of the Escalante area.  Each day we navigate and explore old trails and places with no trails at all.  Comfortable backpacking gear can be provided at no extra charge.  Unique camping spots and friendly guides make this trip a special way to experience your inner self.  Come and join us and find out why people say this is the best area around.  

Cost per person $1350.00 

This tour is more appropriate for people with some backpacking experience.  Age requirement, at least 12 years old. 

Upper Escalante River  Family friendly backpacking trip.  This trip is a great way to see the riparian area and a fun tour for families with children or those want an easier enjoyable trip.  Each day we follow the river along its meandering path discovering beautiful colored wall, pictographs, clif houses and the Escalante arch and bridge.  On the longer trip we explore the lower part of Death Hollow, a gem all on it's own.  

Cost per person $ 800.00 per person - 2 night 3 day trip

                           $1000.00 per person - 3 night 4 day trip

This tour is a great introductory trip for backpacking and those with children who want a unique experience.  We also offer a more advanced trip through this section with lots of side trips to our special areas.

Slot Canyon Fun.  Backpack down Harris Wash and explore the fun slot canyons that tie into Harris.  From the beautiful Big Horn to secret canyons this trip is not one to miss.  Whether your an experienced backpacker or just starting out this trip is a great way to enjoy the Escalante area and its world famous canyon.

Cost per person $950.00 - 2 night 3 day


Boulder Mail Trail backpacking trip.

Cost per person $1150.00 for a 3 night 4 day trip.  

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